NASA and Alien life

NASA is nice. I mean, they’re like one of the most advanced companies on earth. At least, that’s how I regard them. Last week, the company announced that they expect serious signs of alien life within 10 years and even more over the next 20 to 30 years. That’s what I call faith!

I mean, when Kennedy talked about putting a man on the moon, he, sort of, knew what he was talking about. Everyone could see the moon and science had done the math on the distance from A to B. It was the start of a mission with a clear vision. This however is a bit different. I mean, if it is not on the moon, nor on Mars, it’s gotta be somewhere else in the universe. The question is… Where? We have not at all figured out how big the total universe is. We’re only talking about theoretical figures and assumptions, not even taking into account that the universe is still growing. So again… Where? This is not like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is looking for a fragment of a needle in a haystack the size of, well, one million haystacks. And that be an underestimate.

I’ll call it faith.