Dear US Citizens

Last Thursday, I read the news that another shooting took place in the US. And during breakfast on Friday morning, I listed to president Obama’s statement. I saw his frustration. His anger. And decided I would write this blog post.

I happen to live in the Netherlands. We happen to have gun laws in place. And still, shootings happen. Unfortunately. I am glad to say though that in most cases, shootings in the Netherlands are related to criminals and criminal organizations trying to get ahead of each other.

Is my country a safer place than the US? I don’t necessarily think so. You probably know that we recently had an attempt of a terrorist attack in the Thalys train on its way to Paris. And you’re right. Paris itself was a terrorist attack quite recently. And we still have these criminal shootings that happen every now and then.

However, it makes me feel quite safe to know that not everybody in the Netherlands can simply walk into a store and buy himself a gun. I am lucky to have many friends and I am almost sure that none of them has a gun, which to some extent, is equal to the Dutch society. It gives me a safer feeling to walk on the streets without the thoughts that every third person I come across may carry or own a gun or something similar.

Bringing in place gun laws won’t solve the problem but it may reduce the number of shootings over a longer period of time. The US, like the Netherlands has a legal system in place that is meant to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. Fight them that way, not by posting heavily guarded guards in front of every public building or learning your kids how to use a weapon.