It’s The End Of Car Driving As We Know It

While I am still waiting to own my first electric car, the next big hype in the car industry is already upon us: self driving cars. The rumors have been going strong for a few years now and it seems we are just waiting for existing legislation to be modified before they are upon us. Cars that take you from A to B with you only telling your car where you want to go. There is however one other thing that still needs to happen and so far, only Mercedes Benz has shown it.

If you are no longer required to actually drive a car, there is also no need for a steering wheel to be present, nor the specific setup of chairs and backseat. In tegendeel. I would definitely opt for a more living-room-look-alike-setup if I had the choice. And if possible, I would still like the ability to put my chair(s), or sofa(?), in driving mode, to enjoy a few miles on the road.

But imagine how your trip to the office would look like if you have the ability to relax, sit down, check some emails, read a newspaper or well, why not, drink a cup of coffee. And all of that will your car will move you from A to B. No sudden stops, no heavy acceleration or stress as a result of other drivers. Imagine how you would press a button to switch your seats to relax mode or something similar, have them turn towards each other instead the setup you know today and you might well use your car for a meeting, a chat with a friend or for something similar.

I would want to have one!